Balloon Animal Tutorials

Have you always been intrigued how we make our balloon poodles, flowers and swords? If your kids want to learn at home, these simple videos are a great place to start. See. below for an introduction video that has a quick guide to buying, blowing up and tying the balloons. Following that you can start learning how to make some cool balloon shapes yourself!
See below for a guide to making balloon poodles, balloon sausage dogs, balloon swords and balloon flowers.​


Balloon Saloon-
Jay Jay the Balloon Guy –​
I use 260 Qualatex Balloons in all the different colours.

Beginners Guide To Balloon Twisting

How To Make A Balloon Poodle

How To Make A Sausage Dog

How To Make A Balloon Sword

How To Make A Laser Gun

How To Make Balloon Flower

Are you learning how to make cool balloons? If you’ve followed our Supa Dupa balloon tutorials we’d love to see how you went!

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