Terms And Conditions

As a small business and a small team of entertainers we, like many other businesses in the event industry have spent the last few years being extremely accommodating to every circumstance – and cancelling or rescheduling bookings. For every booking made, we turn away other clients that could have booked your time slot – which means we do have policies in place to ensure a fair system for our business, our entertainers and our clients.

We please ask that you respect our time and our services when choosing to re-schedule or cancel your events.


  • Payments can be made via our online payment portal  – you’ll receive a link this within your Invoice.
  • Payments are GoCardless Bank Transfers or Stripe Card Payments.
  • Your booking is only confirmed once your payment has been received
  • Payment is considered as acceptance by you of the terms and conditions contained herein.


  • You will receive a reminder email for online payments.
  • Travel fees apply to certain areas which you will be advised of during the booking process. This covers travel expenses such as petrol, tolls and travel time for our entertainers.
  • You’re more than welcome to request your entertainer to stay longer at your event, we will then invoice you after your event for the additional time ($75 for an extra 30 minutes). Or you can give your entertainer cash on the day.
  • Parking fees may apply to certain bookings where no free parking is available for our entertainers, please advise us of this during the booking process. We ask that you notify us during the booking process if you know of any additional parking costs that may be incurred prior to your event, we shall then add this to your invoice. If our entertainers need to pay for parking that wasn’t advised, Supa Dupa will invoice the client for the additional parking fee. 


  • If you cancel your booking less than seven days prior to your event you will incur a 100% cancellation fee.
  • If you cancel your booking before the seven-day period, you will incur a 50% cancellation fee, with the other 50% able to be converted to a gift voucher for a future event.
  • As we are not Government supported for Covid-related Cancellations, we will no longer be wiping cancellation policies based on Covid-related circumstances.
  • ‘Cancellations’ and ‘Re-Scheduling’ are deemed to be the same under our terms and conditions. Re-Scheduling within a seven-day period will also incur a 100% cancellation fee.


If we arrive at an event where the number of kids has largely increased compared to the numbers that have been booked, we may have to turn away face painting and balloons for the extra kids – and will charge you for the extra children.


We’re constantly updating our costumes and characters that we have available to ensure they stay at the best quality. This means you may have an entertainer that arrives with a slightly different wig than on our website or different version of a costume. For example, everyone’s favourite Clown Silly Sally has recently changed to a pretty light purple wig and retired her crazy purple and pink wig, she was overdue for a new hair-do!  We’ll never send a different character, just a slightly tweaked version of what you may have seen from an old photo of ours online!


On the rare occasion that our entertainers find themselves in a situation that they feel is unsafe or uncomfortable, for example if guests are intoxicated or communicating in a suggestive or aggressive manner our entertainers have the right to leave your event without notice. In this situation you will not be refunded.


  • Supa Dupa Kids Parties holds Public Liability/Performers Liability up to the limit of $30,000,000 each and every Occurrence.
  • Supa Dupa Kids Parties will not be held responsible for the behaviour of any child or other person attending your event.
  • You agree that either yourself or another nominated adult will remain present for the duration of the event, and will be responsible for the supervision of the event.
  • You agree that Supa Dupa Kids Parties will not in any way be liable to you or to any other person for any damage, loss or injury suffered by yourself or any other persons while participating in the event.
  • You agree to notify Supa Dupa Kids Parties of any special requirements of any child or event guests, including but not limited to allergies or other mental, emotional or physical issues, which may affect the entertainment we choose to provide.


Whilst we provide a list of activities for each party package, our ultimate task is to keep the kids entertained and put smiles on the faces of your kids and your party guests. This means occasionally our entertainer may decide to skip a certain element and focus more on another that the particular group of kids is enjoying. For example, our entertainer may choose to spend more time on magic tricks and skip the balloon animals based on the enthusiasm and excitement of the kids at the party. We’re there to bring joy and happiness to the kids, and will make this our number one priority, rather than ticking a list!

If you have any queries on the above Terms & Conditions please email