Kids Parties Sydney

I didn’t choose the clown life, the clown life chose me.

To be a kids party entertainer, you’ve got to believe in a little bit of magic. You’ve got to be a little bit silly and you’ve got to embrace you inner child at all times.

I am Katherine Solly and I am the owner or as I like to call it ‘Head Fairy’ of Supa Dupa Kids Parties. I have been working with kids since 2009, and have been a children’s party entertainer since 2010. Making people laugh and bringing joy to kids faces isn’t something that can be taught, it’s something that you’re born with. When I was three years old my grandpa told my parents that I would be the comedian of the family, and it’s safe to say I’m probably one of the only people who can look back and say I had a grandpa that was proud of me growing up to be a clown.

It’s in my genes, my grandpa entertained on The Happy Show on Channel 7 and told jokes right up until his final moments. I’ve been handed down a family legacy and I have made it my mission to keep it going.


Supa Dupa Kids Parties started as a hobby, driven by a passion to make others smile and soon led to a small business in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. Combining a background of acting, stand up comedy, nannying and assistant teaching I have created the Supa Dupa world. With a variety of characters, tricks and magic up my sleeve I bring a sparkle to any event and ensure the client has a fantastic day.

What sets Supa Dupa apart from the rest is the passion and enthusiasm, and the history. To make others laugh, and to change the world one smile at a time.